Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make heart bypass surgery safer, less painful, more accessible, and less expensive by eliminating the need for vessel harvesting.

We’re working to improve bypass surgery by creating a revolutionary functional artificial blood vessel that will enhance the quality of life and speed the recovery of millions of patients.

Our Purpose

Hearts are complex organs that are difficult to replicate and repair. Artificial grafts and vessels need to be biocompatible, flexible, and strong — but traditional methods often fail, clog, and create complications for the patient.

In order to perform a heart bypass, surgeons must harvest blood vessels from different areas of the body. It’s a slow, painful, and grueling process that leads to longer surgeries and recovery times for patients. Our technology eliminates the need for this step, which in turn eliminates these negative side effects. We improve a patient’s experience and recovery while reducing costs for the healthcare system.

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Core Values

Medical 21 Company Mission Values Reshape Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Reshape Cardiac Bypass Surgery

We want to improve patient lives by changing how cardiac bypass surgery is performed. We’re eliminating a massive impediment in the procedure while reducing recovery time and complications for patients.

Medical 21 Company Mission Values Give Patients a Brighter Future

Give Patients a Brighter Future

Cardiac bypass surgery is a complex, personal, and challenging process that has a deep impact on patients and their families. Through our innovation, we aim to create a new, valuable option for patients that minimizes their stress — both emotionally and physically.

Medical 21 Company Mission Values Create Impactful, Lasting Value

Create Impactful, Lasting Value

We have created a small-diameter graft that is strong, flexible, biocompatible, and ready for human trials. By eliminating vessel harvesting, our MAVERICS artificial graft reduces pain, risks, costs, and recovery time.

Medical 21 Company Mission Values A Solution for Everyone

A Solution for Everyone

We believe cardiac bypass surgery should be available to all patients. Our graft can be used regardless of the condition of a patient’s vessels; people with severe diabetes, varicose veins, and amputations will be able to undergo the bypass procedure with our graft system. The MAVERICS graft also reduces wait time for surgery, cuts down on days spent in ICU recovery, and reduces wound-related post-operative care and readmissions.

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